Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Teaching Tip #117

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #117

Ten Questions to Help You Become a Better Teacher This Year.

Question #7 – Where do my colleagues need my leadership this year?

Who do I think I am?

Well, here it goes anyway:

I try to lead in being the first to try an idea in my class.  I know we are having (well, by the time you are reading this, we have had) George Couros for our back to school speaker.  He is all about having an innovator’s mindset in the classroom.  I like to think I’m one of the leaders in putting that to practice in my classroom.

I try to lead in being a constant, life long learner.  Two years ago at a school board meeting where Mr. Zutz was talking to them about my WEM award, he paid me the ultimate compliment: “I never have to worry about Mr. Reynolds playing it safe or coasting.  He is constantly learning and growing himself and pushing the limits in his classes.”

Finally, I try to be a leader for my peers in the area of inspiration.  That’s why I refer to myself as a Chief Inspiration Officer.  I’m always on the look out for amazing things my colleagues are doing.  

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