Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Teaching Tip #116

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #116

Ten Questions to Help You Become a Better Teacher This Year.

Question #6 – How do I respond to stress?

I love stress.  I think this is why, for some sick and twisted reason, I love reviewing a slideshow or activity late the night before I am going to teach it.

Inevitably, I will end up tearing it to shreds and starting over or try something different.

This always seems to happen to me on a Sunday evening – such as when the night before I was going to be observed by Shane, I decided to chuck the lesson plan I had shared with him and do something different, something that I thought was far more engaging.

I think I do this because I love the stress of trying to put it all together and pull it off just before class starts.

Am I really that different from students who motivate themselves via stress by leaving things until the last minute?

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