Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Teaching Tip #40

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #40

Here is a blog post with a title that I just couldn’t resist clicking on:  9 Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should “Unsettle” Us by one of my favorite people in education, Will Richardson.

Elephant #4 – We know that we’re not assessing many of the things that really matter for future success.

Amen.  Read The Millionaire Mindset.  What is the average GPA for the deca-millionaire in the US?  2.75.  I’m sure glad that pretty little 4.0 high school GPA helped them out a lot.

Look at our former principal, Mr. Zutz.  He probably had a GPA that was certainly closer to 2.75 than 4.0.  But he matured a lot after high school.  He modeled the growth mindset, and that eventually (once he had his 10,000 hours in) led him to a VP position at Digi Key.

How can we teach students more about grit, the growth mindset, maturity and so on.  As opposed to teaching students just how to do school.

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