Thursday, September 28, 2017

Teaching Tip #21

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #21

  1. Learn Something new together

This works well with risk #4.  Another way of thinking about this is designing a unit where students get to teach you (the teacher) something.

I remember Tyler and his girlfriend grinning as they took me over to the old second floor English computer lab and showed me my first Youtube video (like here . . . be aware of offensive language).  They loved that they were teaching me something new.

The same was true when Alex taught me how to play Minecraft.  Or when several other students helped me naviage Kahoot.  I missed out on an opportunity when Ally offered to help me set up Google Classroom.

But I think another way to get at the true nature of #6 is to pick out some new piece of technology – or even a game – and learn it together with your class.  

I have also done this with a story that I have read ‘cold’ in front of the class.

All are great ways to learn and build culture.

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