Friday, May 05, 2017

Teaching Tip #166

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #166

What lesson could you sell tickets for?  Or what lesson do students love the most?

If I had to choose, I’d go for the final Linchpin projects.  Once students finish reading Linchpin in College Comp II, I have them create a board or display that illustrates several things -

  1. What is their Linchpin ability?  How did they develop it?  How might they go about improving it or acquiring other Linchpin abilities?
  2. What area or field are they interested in going into?
  3. What is a problem area in their future field?  How might they use their Linchpin ability to solve that problem?
  4. Who are Linchpins in their daily lives?
  5. Write about a day in their lives 15 years from now.
  6. Include a resume.

The creativity of the students always amazes me.  Here is a link to their amazing projects.

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