Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Teaching Tip #134

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #134
The Immigrant Edge – This one should get Trump’s blood boiling
Brian Buffini, an incredible successful Irish immigrant, was featured on the Entreleadership podcast.  In the interview, he shared the seven traits that make immigrants – often – so much more successful than Americans residents.
How can we teach these in our classes?
Trait #2 – Do what (ever) it takes
Successful immigrants don’t come here with trust funds set up or legacy spots at Ivy League colleges reserved for them.  Unfortunately, many immigrants (and American citizens as well) milk the system so they have to do as little as it takes to get by, but anyone who has achieved any kind of success knows that they need to develop the trait of sacrifice and willing to do what it takes to get ahead.
I try to teach this in class by asking students to share their study and work habits.  I try to show students the importance of getting their 10,000 hours in (thanks Mr. Gladwell).  I also try to use examples of work ethic I see in others (such as the incredible willingness to do whatever it takes of James Dyson and Gary Paulson).

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