Monday, March 20, 2017

Teaching Tip #133

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #133
The Immigrant Edge – This one should get Trump’s blood boiling
Brian Buffini, an incredible successful Irish immigrant, was featured on the Entreleadership podcast.  In the interview, he shared the seven traits that make immigrants – often – so much more successful than Americans residents.
How can we teach these in our classes?
Trait #1 – An openness to learn
Regardless if you are new to this country or your family sailed here on the Mayflower, this is a trait that will never fail to serve you.
Buffini notes that successful immigrants come to America often not knowing the language or the culture.  The first thing that will allow them to thrive is their ability to learn how to adapt and eek out a living.
How can we rekindle our students’ willingness to learn?  I see an incredible desire in my elementary school aged kids to learn.  They learn non-stop.  And it just isn’t in school either.  My son is constantly learning new words and ideas thanks to his iPad and his beloved Youtube Kids app. But something seems to happen to our students once they get into their teen years, where many cease being open to learning . . . if they don’t become openly hostile to it.
That must change.  There is not a single career field today that doesn’t call for their workers to be constantly learning.

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