Monday, November 28, 2016

Teaching Tip #60

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #60
I don’t totally buy everything Mr. Mitra is selling in his TED Talk, Build a School in the Cloud, but I love the example he opens with.

It really made me think about way our education system evolved the way it has.  And who is to blame for that?  The Victorians.  Why? The conquered the world (remember the saying that the sun never set on the British flag thanks to all of its colonies worldwide?) without a computer system.  Well, they conquered it with their version of a computer.  This required that the components of the great British imperialism machine – all the secretaries, accountants, translators, surveyors, and so on – had to do some very rudimentary tasks like write in legible cursive, take short hand, do math in their head, and so on.  Guess where those skills were taught?  Schools.
How much have things really changed?

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