Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Teaching Tip #125

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #125
Here is a very interesting read from one of my favorite bloggers (Life of an Educator) - 10 Pieces of Advice for new Teachers.
Here are the ten pieces of advice -
7. Look in the mirror before pointing your finger.
This one is simple. And I’ll sum it up using some great advice Mrs. Semanko gave me nearly 20 years ago when I was student teaching with her: don’t leave any class other than the way you want it to be.
That was impossible for me early on, for I just didn’t have the chops back then to reign in my students under her.  However, it’s a very worthy goal.  And something I obviously have not forgotten.
To this day, that still resonates with me.
I am always conscious about the role I play in my room and my classes.
Yes, they might be challenging.  Yes, they might be distracted by their technology.  Yes, they might enjoy other classes more.  Yes, we might have to read boring stuff (Shakespeare).  Yes, we have to study grammar.  Yes, my kids aren’t angels.
But in the end, I’m responsible for all of that.  When it comes to the culture in my classroom and how I want it to be, I’m the biggest factor.

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