Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Teaching Tip #21

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #21
Avoid sitting.  As much as possible.
It’s bad enough that most of our jobs entail a sedentary work environment, but when so many of us come home and plop on the couch for most sedentary time, it’s a recipe for disaster (not to mention obesity).
I just head on Michael Hyatt’s podcast that a person who spends most of their work day sitting stands a 45% chance of dying before someone who spends most of their day moving.
It’s vital to not just sit at our desks.
And I’m as guilty as anyone else.  When I turn my students loose to write, I don’t see this as an opportunity to walk around my room and conference one on one with my writers as they craft (that’s how it will be this year, though).  Instead, I see it as time for me to go sit at my desk and get some grading done.
But Hyatt offers a couple ways around this (if not sitting so much at work, he has suggestions for injecting more movement into your life).  Here they are
1.  Get a stand up desk.  This doesn’t need to be an expensive one.  Take podium (or crate) and set it atop your desk so you don’t have to sit.  This way you can stand and work.    
If you’re able to, get a treadmill desk (yes, there are such things).  Hyatt found that up to 3 mph, he could type and work normally . . . all the while walking and burning off calories.
Three miles per hour? Big deal!  Doesn’t sound like much does it?  But when you spend 6 hours doing that a day at work, you’ll burn a ton of calories.
2.  Take the stairs.
3.  Park far away.
4.  Get a dog.  Seriously.  Get a dog.  They need to be walked.  Get in a habit of taking them for a walk in the morning and the evenings.
5.  Be active after work.  Don’t go home, plop on the couch, and veg.  Take the dog for a walk, walk to the store, go for a jog, get out and do something.
Here are a couple of tricks I found to be helpful:  
First, use the bathroom as far from your room as possible.  During my prep, I choose to go all the way down to the commons to use the bathroom as opposed to the one right next door.  Plus, I take the stairs on my way.
Second, go for a walk during my prep.  I always go out and see if there are some students or peers I can harass.
Third, simply stand up more during class.  I find I have more energy when I’m moving around the room or at least standing at my podium than if I’m sitting at my desk all day.
And don’t forget to try and allow your students some chances to move around too.

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