Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day 2014 at LHS

Ever since Mr. Zutz took over as principal at LHS, he has made it a point to make our Veteran's Day ceremonies meaningful.

I feel that before Mr. Zutz took over, the ceremony was just an obligation.  For a decade prior to Mr. Zutz, I can recall a few of the speakers we've had, but I can't recall one thing the previous two principals said.  Nothing. Totally unremarkable.

And our Veteran's Day ceremony should be anything but that.

And for six years now, they have been remarkable.

This year was no exception.

This video, which we watched shortly into the ceremony, drives that point home -

Then Mr. Zutz shared this story - as he does every Veteran's Day, (his second year at LHS he actually took all the desks out of my room to use to demonstrate the power of this story with local veterans actually carrying in the desks).  And best of all, it's legit!

Then our guest speaker, Mr. Stone, gave an amazing speech on the value of our veterans.

Finally, we watched a video similar to this one.

And dammit if I wasn't wiping the tears from my eyes.

Then - just by serendipity - my College Comp 2 ended up watching this incredible TED Talk by Dean Kamen, about his efforts to provide prosthetic limbs for our injured vets.

I love this coach's explanation of the importance of the Star Spangled Banner and what he players should be thankful for while it's playing.

And finally, one of the most remarkable - and touching - stories of the brotherhood and bravery of our troops.

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