Monday, November 24, 2014

Cash Knows What's Up

On Saturday night we were following Mom in the Highlander.  She was dropping it off to have a remote starter put in it.

As we followed along, Kenz and Cash began bantering.

Kenz was made at Cash for something he said.  Cash has been pushing the boundaries awhile of what we consider acceptable language.  He has been using the word "ass" quite a bit now. (Personally, I blame his Grandmother, Gail, for that, but that's just me  -  kidding Gail.  Just kidding).

He thought it was quite funny when we could go over to the Kawanis' Park in TRF, which KoKo told us some of her classmates nicknamed "Acid" Part because - supposedly - whoever designed it must have been on acid (oh, teenagers).  One day when we was feeling a bit rebellious he said, "I'm going to kick your ass!"

When I scolded him (again, blaming his Grandmother for this - ha ha- just kidding Gail), he smiled and promised never to do it again (Oh, I know that one.  I was the master of that one when I was his age.  My mom and grandmother would let me get away with murder as long as I promised to never do it again. Suckers!).

Sure enough, about two minutes later, he said, "I'm going to kick your assssss-" and then I glared at him and he smirked and finished with "asssssid Park!  See Dad, I didn't say 'ass.'  I said, 'I'm going to kick your Acid Park!'"

Oh he thought he was smart then.

Well, back to the other night.  As Kenz and Cash argued, Cash let something slip.

Then I heard Kenz instruct him, "Now, Cash," she said. "There are two kinds of asses.  There is the bad kind that you always say.  Then there is the good kind like "Acid Park."

And though I couldn't see him smirking in the back, I bet he was when he said, "There is a good ass, like 'Dad is bad ass!'"

Now I was smirking.  He is right though.  Cash knows what is up indeed: Dad is bad ass!

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