Friday, January 24, 2014

Today's Reads, Views, and Links

This one is really interesting: 15 Technologies That Were Supposed to Change Education Forever.

Kind of makes you rethink the iPad, right?

Here are a couple that found particularly interesting -

The television teacher -

Newton. The robot tutor.

Again, it makes you rethink smart phones and iPads, right?


If you're new to Twitter, here are some tips to get your content noticed.  Remember - don't just push out assignments or deadlines (otherwise known as right hooks). Instead, help others and provide services (jabs).


Here is an interesting blog post on why we need social media in education.

First, I would argue that we need to be actively using social media to model proper digital citizenship for our students.

Here are some other reasons from the blog that I particularly agree with -

Social media enables an instructional shift to take place.

Social media will help you meet your students, their parents, and your community where they already are.

If your school and district wish to remain relevant, they need to be a part of the social media movement.

Speaking of social media, here is an Education Week post arguing why schools should (I would say 'must') embrace social media.


A Nerd PSA video.

This is funny.


Now this is a cool use of Twitter: Henry V retold in 30 Tweets.

What a great final assignment or essay question this would make.


I was blown away by a vending machine at TIES that - with just a scan of your debit card - would dispense a variety of iPads and charges and tech devices.

Now it seems that Amazon is using that same idea: the Kindle vending machine.


Here is an interesting post from Gary Vaynerchuk on the Youthification (yes, that's a word now) of our culture.  Again, this is why schools need to embrace social media, for it's not just where our students are. It's also where the parents (and grandparents) are too.

I like this section

We are going through the youthification of our society. Think about it. If you look at the behavior of a 40 year-old woman today, it very closely resembles the actions of a 27 year-old women only 20 years ago.
Here's an experiment: I want you to think about what your parents were like when they were your age. I mean two or three generations ago, people used to think they were done at 60. Now we're so lucky, and so much more healthy and advanced that we're living through this youthification. I mean the idea of a "cougar" was a funny joke to some 10 years ago, but it's a very real thing. I have clients marketing things toward 15 year old girls because if they think it's cool, then their moms will think it's cool. 
How can we use this in education to open our classrooms and curriculum to parents?
The mad Minnesota surfers.  Yes, there is such a thing.


And finally to have students create something like this would be amazing. What a remarkable project!

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