Sunday, March 03, 2013


I couldn't believe this story when I read it on yahoo news.  An elderly woman collapses at an independent care facility.  A nurse (yes, that's what the story says she is, a "nurse." Remember that as you read further) calls 911 for paramedics.

When the 911 dispatcher tells the "nurse" to perform CPR, the "nurse" refuses.  Apparently, it is against the facility's policy!!  Can you believe that?

Why would anyone want to live in such a place?

And how as a person, not to mention a medically trained "nurse," could you just watch someone's mother, grandmother, great-grandmother die without even trying to help?

Apparently, the policy calls for the facility's workers to call 911 and stay with the person until help arrives.  Even if the person is dead when the help arrives.  Even if the best "help" is right there with them.

So just that I get this straight, this nurse wouldn't apply CPR to a dying woman, yet people will go to this length to save an animal?

I'm all for helping animals, but there' something wrong with "policies" when people will do this - rightfully so - to help an animal, yet they won't lift a finger to help a person!

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