Monday, December 21, 2009

The Flu

It just wouldn't be the Holiday season without the flu. Three years ago I got struck down shortly after Christmas. It took a few weeks to get over that.

Now, it's struck again.

On Saturday, Kenzie had diarhhea and was vomitting. This looked supsiciously like the same symptoms she had last spring . . . the same symptoms she passed on to me.

Sure enough, last Sunday night I was running to the bathroom every ten minutes or so. Then just before bed time, the vomitting struck.

Thanks, Kenzie.

The only good thing was that I kept thinking of how much of a little trooper Kenzie was when she was sick, so I used that for inspiration when I was bent over the bathroom sink.

This meant, though, that I had to get a sub lined up (which was the worst opportune time. We had a big novel test in College Comp and we were going to proof their literary analysis papers too). But thanks to my colleague, Lisa, I was able to get everything lined up.

By about midnight, I was feeling better. I decided to sleep downstairs in the family room since it was closer to the bathroom and I wouldn't disturb the whole house if I had to vomit again. But I was feeling better. I still couldn't hold anything down, but if I didn't put it in, it wasn't coming back up. So I at least had a bit of a truce with my body.

Then around 3 am Kenzie started crying. I dragged myself upstairs to check on her, wondering why Kristie wasn't checking on her.

Kenzie was standing up in her crib frightened. Then I saw Kristie make a dash to the bathroom.

The flu had struck again.

Kenzie and I slept downstairs so Kristie wouldn't disturb her since the upstairs bathroom is right next to Kenzie's room.

That proved to be the last time I'll sleep with Kenzie. She is a bed hog! And she tosses and turns like a damn alligator doing its death roll.

At least Kenzie seemed to be over her flu. I was able to get up and take her to daycare while Kristie and I spent today recovering.

Well, at least the flu bug should be done for this year. I think this is the second flu bug I've had. So what was the use of my flu shot?

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