Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who would have thunk it?

That on first glance the Cleveland vs. Detroit game seems like a battle for the chance to grab hold of the #1 pick in the NFL draft next April.

Instead, it has turned into the most entertaining game on. Cleveland roared out to a 24-3 lead before Detroit rallied to make it 24-17. This might be the most point Cleveland has scored all year long.

And now the Lions just scored on a bomb to tie it all up. Who would have imagined this one?


Thanksgiving week is always a great week for football fans. There's Monday Night Football. ESPN has a college game on Tuesday night. Thursday has a very intriguing college game (Texas vs. Texas A&M). Of course, the NFL has three games on Thanksgiving Day now. It used to be just two - games hosted by the Lions and Cowboys, but since the NFL Network became a powerhouse, they now command a spotlight game that night too. Unfortunately, last year's triple feature included three lopsided games that were anything but entertaining. This year looks about the same.

Would someone please take the Thanksgiving Day game away from Detroit? I can't recall the last time they played a significant game that day. Sure, they play the rival Packers, but, really, that game should be over by the time you've had seconds. The afternoon game is even worse: the Cowboys host the Raiders. That one will be over before the ball is teed up. At least the NFL Network offers some hope: the Giants against the Broncos. Though both teams are fading pretty quickly.

Of course, besides shopping, Black Friday is known for some good college football match ups. I always like to watch the Colorado Buffs square off against the Corn Huskers, but since Dan Hawkins has run the Buffs program into the ground, it might not be much of a game this year. Then ABC has an intriguing match up with the Illini squaring off against the undefeated - and top five ranked - Cincinnati Bear cats. CBS has a great SEC match up that is usually more competitive that it is likely to be this year - Alabama vs. Auburn.

And if that's not enough, the Prep Bowl is on that day too. But since we went to DirecTV, we are never able to watch it.

But that's enough football to keep just about anyone entertained.

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