Monday, November 23, 2009


The Bungals stepped right into the trap late Sunday, blowing a nice 14-0 lead and losing the Raiders 20-17.

It's a good lesson though. They aren't quite for real yet. They can hammer the ball, though. That's what is most impressive after years of finesse football. They picked a pass off in their territory with about 8 minutes left. They took it and basically ran it down the Raiders throats and burned off a good chunk of time. But, as was par for the course in this game, they had a first in goal and fumbled it.

You can't play power football and make mistakes like that. Or miss field goalds. Or trade fieldgoals for touchdowns when you get in the red zone. There's no room for error when you play that brand of football.

And the Bungals just made too many errors . . . namely fumbling the kickoff with 33 seconds left when you could have taken three knees and headed to over time!

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