Monday, November 09, 2009

Challenge #9 - Skype

I have to admit. All I knew about Skype for quite awhile was that Meredith used in on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Then Gail got her computer and I saw that her laptop came with a built in webcam. I tried to download skype to connect our computers, but I wasn't sure about fees and that sort of thing so I never got around to it.

When Kelly asked me to download it on my computer for challenge #9, I was interested. While it was pain downloading it the first couple tries (the school's wireless was slow), however, once I got it installed it worked great and Kelly and I had a quick face to face chat - though I was in good old 211 and she was down in the media center.

And it might just be perfect timing too. I correspond with some university faculty regarding my College Comp classes. They have mentioned being interested in observing the classes or at least visiting with them. Well, when winter rolls around in MN, one is never assured of making it anywhere when scheduled.

But Skype could be the perfect solution. I could have a professor on one end my my class on the other, all conversing.

This could be even more useful for personal reasons. If I do install it on Gail's computer, for instance, we will be able to video conference - for free mind you - whenever we want. So when Kenzie is doing something cute or when she grabs the phone and tries to talk to Grandma, now we can just sit her in front of the computer and they can see each other.

I have to admit that Skype's potential both in and out of the classroom is intriguing.

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