Thursday, May 24, 2018

Teaching Tip #169

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #169

As a 1:1 district, we hear this message daily: don't use technology in a trivial way. If you're going to redesign your curriculum, don't use technology simply for technology sake. Instead, make sure that the technology enhances a vital skill or brings something innovative to the subject or task.

Of course, Marc Prensky agrees.

I especially like these points

• Connect with people around the world (e.g. using Twitter and Skype)
• Do complex analyses (e.g. using Wolfram Alpha)
• Create new software (e.g. making Apps)
• Create new physical products (e.g. using CAD and 3D printing)
• Simulate machines and populations (e.g. using computer-based simulation tools)
• Meet in Virtual Worlds (e.g. using Second Life)
• Build and program robots (e.g. using Lego Mindstorms)

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