Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Teaching Tip #153

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #153

One of the books from my summer reading list a few years ago was Generation iY Tim Elmore.

In his book, Elmore clearly loves acronyms, which might just turn off every single teacher who reads his book, but if you can put up with them, they really are interesting and worth your time.

One of his acronyms that applies to this generation is “EPIC.”  Elmore states that this is an EPIC generation in several ways.

Here is how that breaks down.  I’ll also look at how each term has implications for us as teachers.

E – Experiential

As researchers have documented for a decade now, this generation, beginning with the Millennials and extending to Generation Z, doesn’t crave to be taught.  Instead, they thrive when they are coached.  That means they seek to have a meaningful experience with their teachers.  They don’t simply want education dumped on them.

Now that might not be the ideal for all teachers, but how effective do you want to be?  If you really want to impact students, seek to have meaningful experiences with them. If you don’t, what are you doing in this profession?

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