Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Teaching Tip #80

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #80

How do you foster a sense of family in your classroom?  I used to see Connie do it on a daily basis.  I’ve seen Reese do it too.  KoKo felt a part of a family with Mrs. Adams and then with Mrs. Layman.

One of the books from my summer reading list a few years ago was Generation iY Tim Elmore.

Another characteristics of this digital generation is that they are family oriented.  Believe it or not.  

Maybe this comes from the fact that this younger generation is closer to their parents than almost anyone else.  Maybe it’s because – as parents – we have protected and enabled them.  

Whatever it is, they feel a strong need – whether they are in a solid family unit or not – to develop a supportive and loving family.

Ask yourself, how can you capitalize on that in your classroom?

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