Monday, November 13, 2017

Teaching Tip #48

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #48

“Get the pacifier?”


Entrepleadership podcast #115 features an interview with Lee Cockerell who was CEO of Disney for many years.  In the interview, he shares many things that he made Disney great.

One thing he said that Disney is known for is their extreme customer service.

He used this analogy – imagine you own the only store in town.  It’s the middle of the night and a mother calls you at home.  She has lost her baby’s pacifier and she needs a new one.

Do you tell her, sorry you’ll have to wait for the morning when I get to the store.


Do you tell her, meet me at the story.  I’ll get it for you.  I’m leaving now.

There is no choice in the world of customer service.

So, as a teacher, when a student needs something, do you tell them to wait or do you “get the pacifier?”

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