Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Teaching Tip #183

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #183
Best professional development ideas over the summer.  Part 2
I have learned more from podcasts over the past six years than I did in college.  Seriously.  These are an incredible source of ideas.
Years ago I became hooked on podcasts thanks to Learning Matters (no longer available on iTunes) and Dan Carlin’s epic Hard Core History.
Those led me to several other must listen to podcasts:
Entreleadership (this is an absolute must if you are at all interested in personal development and leadership)
Lore (if you are, like me, fascinated by the darker nature of life)
TheTeachThoughtPodcast (a great one for teachers)
EduAllStars (another great one for teachers.  Their interview with Dave Burgess is worth it alone)
Seth Godin’s Start Up Schools (it’s designed for entrepreneurs, but as a classroom entrepreneur, I’m hooked).
Moving at the Speed of Creativity (Wesley Fryer’s podcast.  This one is great for those who are interested in using technology in their classrooms).

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