Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Teaching Tip #159

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #159
Teaching is love.  Never forget that.  Like one of my idols, Coach Mumm, I can get all mushy and idealistic at times.  But isn’t that what education is all about?
Just before the school year began, I got this email from a student who was sharing her experience of being a freshman education major at MSUM:
All I have to say is that those students, including the ones you'll have at Lincoln, better not take for granted the classes they take with you. It's the first week of classes, and I already wish it was you standing up there. I would do anything to be back in that classroom watching you write on the whiteboard and point your finger super hard at it, listening to you tell us how stupid the movies we watch are, and even listening to you step back and forth on the squeaky part of the floor. Oh, and also listen to you roast us, typically about our Crocs or lazy clothing.

I'm sooo thankful to have had you as a teacher. It was in your classroom where I realized what I was passionate about. I decided to take steps towards that passion only to read that damn book that told me not to follow my passion. But, I ended up doing it anyways.

I knew I had made an impact in this student’s life.  But I didn’t know I made THAT big of an impact.  Regardless, the impact was made because of my love for this amazing profession, this school, the other teachers, and, above all, my students.

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