Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Teaching Tip #154

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #154
One of my favorite writers and thinkers is Seth Godin.  On an Entreleadership podcast two years ago Godin talked about the importance of having a business that delivers satisfaction.  Since my business is teaching, I immediately began applying this to how I teach.
Godin explained that customers pay businesses in three ways: with money, trust, and referrals.
I connect that to teaching in that I’ve found students “pay” us in three ways: with time, trust, and referrals.
Use Jeff’s email from Oliver’s mom here.
I was given permission tonight to share this. Football hasn’t even started yet, but we’re already on the right path. Doing these types of things are far more important than winning games, but when you do all the little things right winning seems to follow. I couldn’t be prouder of you!
I would love for you to share it with them! They need to know how much it meant to us. Jeff and I are still in shock at how amazing they were! He has his packer uniform out so he can go see them tomorrow. Oliver is very shy, but his speech is amazing. I think the boys were surprised by that. Oliver has had very serious health issues all his life, but he is very high functioning. I talked about that with them.
Oliver saw some boys playing football tonight at the school and wanted to stop. We thought he would just watch out the window, but he wanted out of the car. As soon as he got out, a very nice boy named Brady came over to him and brought a ball and was playing catch and just visiting with Oliver. By the end of practice he had 5 boys playing with and talking to him. They told him to come back tomorrow night with his gear. I wanted your dad to know what a great group of boys they were while I still remembered their names. They went out of their way to make Oliver feel like one of the big guys! By the end Oliver was showing them his muscles and giving them all knuckles! Oliver is really shy, so it takes him awhile, but he was talking to them. They were surprised by Oliver's speech. It was a Brady Hoffard, Will Anderson, Derrick Newland, and Kelby Jobe. They then asked our names and shook our hands! I am just shocked at how grown up these young boys behaved! Excellent role models for younger kids! Oliver may be their smallest fan in size, but by far their biggest. He said "me on the team Mom" when we left!

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