Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Teaching Tip #145

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #145
Inspiration (Part 6)
     As everyone found their seats, Mrs. Christianson said that she enjoyed reading all the responses, and on each she commented on our strengths as writers.   Usually whenever I got a paper back, my spelling errors were emblazoned in red ink.  I had more than enough of those comments.  I just wanted her to read the stories, especially mine.
     She began the first one.  Nope, not mine.  So I examined my tablet, feigning disinterest while I secretly analyzed it and compared it to mine.  Unoriginal, was my verdict.  If she had chosen this one, there was no way she would like mine.
     She began the second one.  Strike two.  Not mine.  Oh well, I thought.  At least I liked my story.
     Finally, Mrs. Christianson lifted up the third paper.  I looked down at my tablet, not wanting to look up and see if I could recognize the paper.  Plus, no one would see my disappointment.  Then she said, "And now I am going to read my personal favorite.  This is incredibly original.  It should be an example for all of your creative writing.  This piece actually scared me since I was reading it late Wednesday night."
        Then she read . . . my words.

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