Friday, February 24, 2017

Teaching Tip #119

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #119
I’m currently reading the book The Starbucks Experience.  I know it’s a fad now to look at flexible seating and consider the idea “How can I turn my classroom into a Starbucks?” with flexible seating and lightings and so on.
But what I’m fascinated about Starbucks is their total devotion to customer service and transforming the experience for their customers.
In Ch. 1, the author, Joseph A. Michelli, notes how every worker is encouraged to accomplish these five things with comes to their #1 principal: Make it Your Own.  Employees are encouraged to be welcoming, genuine, considerate, knowledgeable, and involved.
What if we applied that to our classes and classrooms?  Do we even think about those things?

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