Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Teaching Tip #117

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #117
Speaking of blogs, another great resource, is George Couros’s blog, The Principal of Change.
The Principal of Change is another go-to when it comes to my professional development.  As I said in module 1, I met George at TIES a few years ago and have been a devout reader of his blog ever since.   Couros’ blog always has some thought provoking ideas when it comes to what I call “millennializing” my classroom.  That is, Couros is a huge proponent of the very concepts or authors talk about in Understanding the Digital Generation.  Couros is a building principal and learning consultant who speaks around the world on the importance of making education more meaningful and relevant to the digital generation.
The layout is quite simple.  He has key information about himself and the blog along the top banner.  On the right column he has a link to his book and his social media accounts if you want to follow him.  Couros usually posts a new entry every day and has open commentary for each post.  He also includes links and images, which makes the content engaging and eye catching.  I usually start my prep period in the day with visiting his blog.

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