Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Teaching Tip #71

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #71
The Myth of Teacher (Part 2)
I squat, dig my heels in, place my shoulder against the granite, and with all my strength from my toes to my neck, I push.  The boulder budges an inch.  I don’t dare a look up the mountain.  I keep my eyes focused on the ground and being my ascent . . .
     That is how I feel when I begin a class.  I am eager to do the work, to see my students learn.  I am focused on one goal: engaging my students in the learning process.  Yet, as students flood in with iPod buds burrowed in their ears, Blackberries clenched in their fists, and talk of last night’s hockey game on their tongues, I know the mountain is steep.
The rock is smooth against my face, minute particles of dirt grind between my clinching teeth, and drops of
sweat sprout on my forehead and forearms as I inch up the mountain . . .
     Surely, a single school year is not eternity.  But multiply 169 student days by the 30 kids in each of my three classes, and I have at least 15,210 trips up that mountain.  

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