Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Teaching Tip #49

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #49
“They [teachers] don’t understand how different students are today – and the digital generation is not just a little different, they’re completely different.” Understanding the Digital Generation (29)
I find it important to be conscious of just how different today’s learners are from my generation.  Students are dominated by images in the media.  They are used to having an impact on everything they do – or at least they are used to being able to influence everything they come into contact with (this goes from having almost total control over everything they watch or listen to – you can find vast amounts of audiobooks and music for free on Youtube (compare that to what we could find back in 1988) or you can binge watch entire season on Netflix or Amazon Prime or iTunes (compare that to how we had to wait for a new episode of Seinfeld or Friends every Thursday night and then sit through re-runs over the summer) . . .).

So why would we teach this generation the same way we were taught?

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