Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Teaching Tip #11

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #11

One of the books from my summer reading list was by Tim Elmore’s Generation iY.

Elmore notes how both abundance and abandonment come together to form the perfect storm for this generation.

Psychologists noted that 25 years ago when parents started removing jungle gyms and monkey bars removed to playgrounds because they were dangerous.  Psychologists noted that this was a bad idea since kids who navigated these structures developed the same cognitive skills that 15-20 years later would allow them to take the risks (and learn to live with the results) like successfully navigating a marriage, a job interview, surviving college . . .   So many young people are suffering from chronic depression from all of the protection we gave them.  They suffer from abundance because in place of the monkey bars and jungle gym we gave them so many other toys and tools.  Yet, we abandoned them when it came time to dealing with failure and building up grit (just think of all those wretched parents who spoiled their kids’ Easter egg hunts in Denver because they actually tried to push other children out of the way to ensure that their own kids got the right amount of eggs).  No wonder we have so many 27 year olds living back at home with mom and dad.

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