Thursday, July 14, 2016

Be careful what you post . . .

Just because it is a meme, and just because it says something you passionately agree with, doesn't mean that it is factual.

This goes for both sides of the Black Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter.  This goes for Trump/Hilary.  This goes for far left and far right.  This goes for the young (who should know better) and for the old (who really should know better).

These are skills I attempt to teach my juniors and seniors, so when I see respected people posting things that they believe strongly, yet are sketchy when it comes to being factual, you are ripe for being used as an example in class.

So before you share a meme or sponsored video that you really like, just be careful to do your research.  After all, I'm guessing you'd want your kids or employees to do the same.

Example - I love the idea that Einstein stood up for his religious beliefs, but it is very, very unlikely to ever have taken place.

This is a good site when it comes to examining this and actually doing some research.  I like that they state right away that they love the message.  They just aren't quite sold that it was Einstein involved.

This is one of my favorite examples.  It even says "True Story" in the title!

But if it just seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Here is another meme that is also one of my favorites - because so many people want to believe it to be true - yet it is totally false, garbage.  Yet, I've seen it spread of Facebook again and again because people are convinced it must be true because it supports something they believe, OR - and this is most terrifying - they just don't care that it's true; they just want to believe what they want to believe and they're willing to grasp at any propaganda that supports their beliefs.

But again, there is little evidence to support that Einstein ever did, in fact, say this.  Here is another author who delves into this to find the truth.  It does seem that this quote is loosely based on a film, not anything factual.

Just remember - because it's a meme and supports your beliefs, does not make it true!

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