Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Teaching Tip #164

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #164
It’s spring time.  That means it’s impossible to keep up with our students and all of their activities: prom, sports, Close Up, vacations, and spring fever in general.
My advice is to take a very deep breath.  Before you go nuts with all of the work your students are missing and their lackadaisical attitude, just remember what it was like when you were that young.  And remember how it feels for you now.  Don’t lie you can’t wait to go for a walk after school or hit the links or do something outside after being bottled up all winter long.
As for the former point about remembering how spring felt for you when you were in high school, do this exercise (I stole it from Penny Kittle’s amazing book Write Beside Them): go into your basement and find your senior year yearbook and write about what it was like to be that pimply, insecure kid.  Keep that in mind as you interact with students all day.  Especially spring quarter.

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