Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Teaching Tip #105

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #105
This was one of the most enjoyable assignments I’ve done with my College Comp class in awhile.  Here’s the background info - we write a how to essay.  We look at several possible topics, how to survive college, how to improve LHS, and then a how to of whatever the student wishes to write about.
When it comes to how to improve LHS, I shared with them this blog post - Ten Things Students Wish Teachers Would Unlearn.
I shared these with my students.  A great discussion ensued.  Then I asked my students to list their top three.  I also asked them to add to the list of ten things.  That is, what else should teachers unlearn?
Then - and this is where it becomes really interesting - I shared that with several of my fellow teachers.  I then encouraged them to list the ten things that they wish students would unlearn.
Then I shared that with my students.  Again, it made for a lively discussion - on both sides.
So what do you think of the list of ten things we as teachers should unlearn?  Or have we already unlearned them?

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