Thursday, January 21, 2016

Teaching Tip #87

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #87

Another interesting read: Parents are Digital Hypocrites.

This made me consider what I do as a teacher with so much technology.  How can I rant at my kids to get off their devices, when if I have a spare moment in class, I’m meandering over to my MacBook Air.

How can I tell kids to not check their emails, when I look up in anticipation as soon as I hear that ding from First Class.  I once had a student meekly inform me that “Every time I hear that ding, the teacher practically runs to his desk.”  He was telling me nothing new.

How can I tell them to get off Youtube when some of my College Comp 2 kids were going around interviewing teachers about a topic when they saw one former colleague watching Netflix!

How can I tell my students to remain life long learners if I’m not reading and writing and learning every single day too?

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