Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Teaching Tip #74 Post TIES Edition

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #74

Yet another way I use Pinterest is to docum

ent the projects my class has created.  I share these with my classes so they can build on those projects and do something even more creative or original.

Plus, I use it as a way for parents to see what is going on in my classroom.

I read a blogger who was frustrated with his son’s school.  He made a great point - he said before he bought his house, he got a tour, he had it inspected, he took a second tour, and then he purchased it.  When he bought a car, he again took it for a test drive and then took it for a second test drive, did some research online about it, read reviews, and then took it for a final test drive with his wife before he bought it.

Yet, what could he do when it came to testing out or even reviewing his son’s new school?

Not much.

I use social media as a way for giving anyone a window into what goes on in my classroom.

Here is another great example of the resources Coach Mumm puts out that I post to a shared board on Pinterest.

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