Friday, October 23, 2015

Teaching Tip #32

Teacherscribes Teaching Tip #32

Find the time vs. make the time

Have you ever known anyone who seems to get so much done?  Whether its reading or correcting or speaking or planning or presenting?

I see some of my colleagues and wonder if they dont have more hours in their days than I do.

But thats not it.  Not at all.

The key to getting more done is simple: you have to make the time.

The myth is that incredibly productive people find extra time.  Thats not true at all.

The reality is that they make the time.

Case in point: over the spring and summer months I make time to get up early (around 5 am) and run.  Somehow, though, in the fall and winter months I just cant find the time.  But the truth is that I am just lazier in those months.  I lose my motivation to make the extra time that I did from April through September.

So if you find yourself wishing that you had more time to lesson plan, grade papers, work out, read more . . . whatever, just remember that its not about finding the time.

Its all about making the time to get things done.

Now the easiest way to make the extra time is to either get less sleep or to quit some other things that hog your time.  For the spring and summer months, I dont watch TV.  However, once fall hits, Im addicted to football.  I catch Monday night football, and Thursday night football and then college all day on Saturday and the NFL all day on Sunday.  That is at least 30 hours of football that I make time for.  I consciously choose to put other things on the back burner to watch football.

But the key is that its easy to sit on the couch and watch football.  Its not hard to make time for that.

Getting up at 5 am and running four miles, though?  Now thats not easy to make time for.  But its vital.

So the next time you look at someone who seems to be super productive, dont ask them how they find the time.  Instead, ask them what they do extra to make the time to get all of that stuff done.

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