Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Teaching Tip #26

Teacherscribe’s Teaching Tip #26

Keep in mind Tim Ziglar’s performance formula: A x E x S = P

This is pretty simple: Attitude times Effort times Skill equals Performance.

I apply this to teaching quite simply.  After spending a number of years involved with our district’s teacher evaluation system, I know the struggle of evaluating performance.

KRAs are a great way to judge performance, but so is Ziglar’s performance formula.  That means your performance is determined by your attitude (be positive) times effort (the more positive you are, the more you’ll enjoy your work and, thus, the harder you will work which will increase your effort) times skill (if you’re positive and enjoy your work, you are far more likely to put in the work outside of work to gain more skills to make you even more effective at your job).

So the next time you walk into your classroom, do this quick rundown.

On a scale of one through five, how would I rate my attitude?  How would I rate my effort?  How would I rate my skill?  That equals a performance score.

So 4 (attitude) x 5 (effort) x 4 (skill) = 80 (performance)

But if you’re stuck - your performance score will illustrate where you need to improve.

So 1 (attitude) x 5 (effort) x 5 (skill) = 25 (performance)

It’s easy to see how vital attitude is.  Actually, it’s easy to see just how vital every one of these factors (attitude, effort, and skill) are in our overall performance.

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