Sunday, October 11, 2015

4 and Uh Oh (halftime)

The Bengals offense is playing well - outside of two colossal mistakes: a holding penalty on a monster 72 yard TD bomb to AJ Green and an interception at the one yard line when Dalton tried to force a throw to AJ Green.  Not that it would have been a sure fire FG attempt given Mike Nugent's consistency issues, but it would have been better than the alternative: a last minute monster drive by Seattle to set up a field goal.

All said, the Bengals are down at the half 7-10.

Worse yet, the Seahawks get the ball to start the second half.

The good -

1.  The passing game.  Outside of the interception (Offensive coordinator should have played it safe with a draw to Gio Bernard or a screen) and the holding penalty (called on our best offensive lineman no less), the passing game has been great.  The Bengals killed it on their opening drive and have had great success of the Seahawks vaulted secondary.

The bad -

1.  As I said in my previous post on this game, it comes down to offensive penalties.  Tyler Kroft had a costly holding penalty on a first down pass (his second costly holding penalty this season) and Whit's holding call that wiped out Green's monster TD.

2.  The defense (as I said in the previous post too).  The defensive line hasn't sacked Russell Wilson, who has been sacked more than an QB on the year.  The linebackers have missed tackles (and make no mistake about it, the Bengals have one of the most unathletic linebacker corps in the league - until Vontaze Burfict comes back in a few weeks from injury).  The secondary gave up a TD pass on Seattle's first drive.  Again Dre Kirkpatrick blew a coverage (the other one being late in the game three weeks ago vs. San Diego) to give up a TD.

The realistic outlook - Seattle drives and scores a TD to go up 17-7 and seeing how Cincy can't run the ball, the 'Hawks keep the pressure on them and win a 20-10 game.

Hopefully - Somehow, someway the Bengals' defense gets a fire lit under its rear and come out and force Seattle to a three and out by stopping the run and penning in Wilson.  The Bengals can run it just enough to keep The Legion of Boom honest and one of their big playmakers (Green, Marvin Jones, Mo Sanu, Tyler Eifert) can make enough plays to get them up.  And maybe somehow someone in the secondary can get their hands on a Wilson pass to seal the win.

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