Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Teacherscribe's Teaching Tip #2

Gotta love Gary V!

If you need any motivation to bring your A game the first week of school, just think of those horrific safety training videos we always have to endure.

Why do we hate them?

Oh let us count the ways:

They’re boring . . . honestly, when will we even need that information?  They are about as interesting as watching paint dry . . . they’re cheap, uninspired presentations . . . they are not individualized to our lives or our school . . . they are so many other, more pressing things we could be spending our prep time on . . .

The list goes on . . .

But here is what is vital about that . . . every kid (at least that’s how I think about it) walks into our class thinking the same exact thing about us and our most beloved subject!

They think . . . “Oh Lord!  85 minutes of English.  I have to write a five paragraph theme.  When will I ever write one of those in the real world (they won’t)?  I’m going to have to read some damn boring story about a minister and his black veil.  When will I ever use that in the real world (they won’t)?  And sweet mother of all things holy, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to read Shakespeare.  I hate that damn guy.  Why can’t he write in English!!!!!”

So it’s my job to prove them wrong.

I have to energize them.  I have to connect with them.  I have to be more interesting that Google or Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram . . . Good thing I am. 

In other words, I have to teach my ass off.

So I prepare all my slideshows, lectures, writing topics, story selections and so on with that in mind.

Teach your ass off today!

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