Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer 2015

In pictures

Kenz had another loose tooth.  It fell out a few hours later. 

And the tooth fairy paid handsomely with $10.  She must not have known which bill she was grabbing in the dark!

Cash was super pumped that Lego just released Scooby Doo sets.

The recommended ages, though, are just suggestions!

The kids joined me for a workout session with Kjelsey at Studio K. It's safe to say that had a blast.

Cash and Kenz love their trips to Scheels.

Ken loved her Girls Hockey T-shirt she got from Juliet at the parade.

Summer wouldn't be complete without our Fourth of July hayride.  We were blessed that Casey and Sarah could join us.

Uncle Eddy paid a visit this summer!  It was great seeing him again.

Kenz with Grandma Gail.

What a little monkey.

It was great to see Casey again.

And KoKo looking beautiful as usual.

And Karla being, well, Karla!  The kids loooooved spending time with her this summer.

Kenz is showing off the peace sign and Cash is blasting me with his super powers.

She is just getting tooooooo big!

Cash's reaction is much like mine when he learns that a new Lego Star Wars set has just been released.

Kenz has discovered Monster High.

A clown.

Cash getting some t-ball tips from coach Brittany.

What Dad doesn't get suckered into going through the fun house? Notice the clenched fists.  That was some fun-house!

This was nothing compared to the Super Shot, though, which Kristie somehow conned me in to riding with her.

Old 1901 Nightingale needed a facelift.

So new siding was added.  We couldn't have asked for it to turn out any better.

Kenzie discovered that we're actually famous.  I told her I invented Reynolds Wrap during a science class in high school.  Then she noted when it was actually established, so I said that it was actually my older sister (much older) who actually invented it!

Besides the hayride, the annual game of kickball on the Fourth was a lot of fun too.  Just look at that form!

Casey takes his kickball very seriously.

He gets that from his mother, who will take you out if she has to!

Kenzie and Cash with their cousin Evan.

We bought a pool membership this summer.  When we checked out the pool for the first time, Cash declared that, "This is the best Friday ever."  You can tell why.

While Cash loves the pool, he isn't nearly as hardcore as Kenzie, who would spend 12 hours a day there if she could!

The end of the season T-ball picture with the coaches.

My beautiful wife.  

What a pair!

Ken just last week at Rhylee's birthday party.

Cash is all clown.  I wonder where he gets that from?

I guess this is Cash's idea of picking up the basement.  Instead of putting the toys in their respective boxes and putting the boxes on the shelf, he just puts himself on the shelf.

Lon decided to make a piñata for the adults who share an August birthday!

Cash and his good buddy Levy duke it out in the back yard.

What little boy doesn't love rain?

Ken getting her haircut from her cousin Ashley.

Someone is pumped to get their back to school letter!  Look out first grade!

She thought she was really on to something here with two pair of headphones.

The kids loved the 4H exhibits.

It was a hard day watching Youtube Kids!

Cash chilling before his team t-ball picture.

A war wound.

Another day ends with some Youtube Kids.

The kids loved getting to spend a week at home with their aunt Karla.  They had a blast.

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