Thursday, July 16, 2015

TRF Parade 2015

Ever since we moved to TRF, we have been taking in the summer parade which coincides with the Pennington County fair.

Last night was our fourth time attending.

I've learned a few things since then.  First, you better set your chairs up early to reserve a spot.

Last year I was shocked to drive down the parade route after summer school was over for the day (around 12:30) and saw dozens and dozens of chairs already set up along the prime spots on the parade route.  Though we didn't set out chairs ahead of time, we were able to get an okay spot last year right on the first corner of the route.

So this year I decided to reserve that same spot, but chairs were already set up.  So I had to settle for a spot part way down the block, which turned out better anyway.

My sister, Barb, was able to join us for the fourth consecutive year too.  Kristie's mom and sister were also there for the parade too so it was a definite family affair.

Best of all, Kenz and Cash had a blast.

They get a little spoiled because they are in Latch Key they know many of the young people in the parade.  Kenz also knows many other athletes either from basketball camp or from class (several students volunteer out there), and still others know them through me.

The highlight for Kenz was easily the state champion girls hockey team float.  One of her favorite players, Juliet, spotted Kenz along the street and walked right up to her and handed her a Girls Hockey t-shirt.  Needless to say, I don't know if she'll ever take that shirt off!!!  Ha ha.

Cash didn't miss out either as Maleigh, one of the Girls Basketball team captains, spotted him and showered him with candy.

The kids also thought it was pretty cool as we were doused with water by several parents, friends, students, and school board members of various floats.

It was a blast.  Now it will have to hold us until the homecoming parade next fall!

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