Friday, May 22, 2015

Some great truths

Your GPA isn't going to matter . . . Watch this commencement address from Neil Degrasse.

There's so much truth here.

"Ask someone older than you when was the last time someone asked them about their GPA.  It will have been so long that they will have forgotten."

Another key point - the world isn't going to ask you what your GPA was.  They'll ask you if you're a problem solver, if you're a quick learner, if you can work in teams.

Yet, we get all caught up in who is getting an A and who isn't.  It's kind of like remembering where you stood at your graduation . . . it doesn't matter.

Now you can say, well if I get higher grades, I'll earn more scholarships.

There is some truth to that.  Some.  But it's not like the top 8 kids who will graduate from LHS next week all have free rides to their respective universities even if they have 4.0 GPAs.

That's not true at all.

What really counts is the skills you learn (right back to what Degrasse means when he talks about being a problem solver and a quick learner and working well in teams).  And that isn't always reflected in a letter grade.

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