Friday, January 02, 2015

Today's Stupid

Imagine that. It's only the second day of a new year and we likely already have the dumbest story we are every going to read for the next 364 days.

Police have to "rescue" a couple who were "trapped" in a closet for two days.  The only catch? The closet didn't lock!

Something is strange about that?

Then I saw the mug shots, which tell us all we need to know.

First, if you have a throat tattoo, I am worried.  I'm no Puritan, but throat and neck tattoos baffle me.

Second, she has a money sign tattooed on her throat.  Perhaps, if she got an education or a job, she might actually have some real money instead of having to get it tattooed on her neck.  If you're capable of enduring all of that pain, you certainly must be able to endure the pain of getting up at regular intervals (say five days a week) and going to a job (say for 40 hours a week) and earning a paycheck (say to actually feed your family or save or maybe invest in a cell phone that you can use to call for help when you're supposedly trapped in a closet) as opposed to get more tattoos. Or drugs.

Third, one simple hashtag: #weretryingtohaveasociety

At least, mercifully, it appears these two don't have any kids.

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