Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Happens When I try to put "Girl" Legos in our cart

Yesterday, Kristie and I met Gail with Cash and Kenz at Target.  They had spent a couple days with Grandma in Mayville.

After the kids were calmed down from seeing us again, Cash pulled me aside and confessed, "Dad, I really want to look at some toys. Do you think we could go over to the toy aisle?"

Now how can I turn a request like that down? Especially when I know what Cash's favorite type of toy is: Legos!

His favorites are the DC and Marvel super hero sets.  But on our way there I couldn't resist messing with Cash just a little.  So I steered us through the "girl" Lego aisle (as Cash calls it).

Jokingly, I tried to place a Lego "Friends" set into the cart.

Cash was having no of it, though.

"No, Dad!" he said.

"Why not?"

"Dad!  You know why?" he said growing more animated the closer the box actually got to our cart.

"Dad!" he said, looking around. "You're breaking my heart!"

Now, I have to admit, that one got to me and I set the "girl" Lego set aside and steered him finally over the "boy" Lego aisle.

If I wouldn't have left my iPhone in my car, I would have documented this all.  However, here are some pictures from the previous time I tried to set "girl" Legos in the cart.  These are from the Kmart in town.

Before he knew what was going on, I actually set the Lego set in the cart.

Not that it would stay there long though! 

And my personal favorite!  He wasn't pleased when I refused to take it out of the cart!  Ha ha.

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