Friday, July 19, 2013

Uncle Barb

There is no doubt that there exists an incredibly special bond between my sister, "Uncle" Barb, and Kenzie.  She, thankfully, is filling the void that my mother's death created in Kenzie's life.  There is no doubt my mother would have treasured Kenz and spoiled her rotten. Luckily for us, Barb has stepped up to take on that role.

Last week Kenz was able to have "an Uncle Barb and Kenzie day" as she put it.  And what a day it was.  When Cash and I picked Kenz up, she was pretty worn out.  Barb sure packed a lot into the 8 hours or so they had together.

Then this week Kenz was able to see her at the parade.  And yesterday Barb (along with Nikki and her friend) took Kenz to the fair.  To say Kenz had a blast is a major understatement.

I recall Mom taking me there too, so it was really great that Barb could do the same for Kenz.

As I was dropped Kenz off at daycare this week, she said "I got to see Uncle Barb last week.  I get to see her at the parade.  Then she's taking me to the fair.  This is the best week EVER!"  Ha ha.  A special bond indeed.

I just don't know about who Barb is turning my little girl into!

I mean a Cabela's hat?  And riding a four wheeler?  Jus whose kid is she?

And a cowboy hat?  

We are so blessed to have "Uncle" Barb in our lives!  I know Tex and Sue are smiling right now!

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