Sunday, June 16, 2013


Well that was a fun summer 2013.  Tomorrow it all comes to an end with the start of the first of two summer school sessions.

I don't mind at all though.  It's really the only time I get to teach any type of electives.  So I'm going to be thrilled to delve into Creative Writing, Science Fiction, and MN Authors again.  One of my other classes would make an English teacher envious: Literature.  That leaves me with Composition, which I'll gladly teach any day of the week, and Reading Strategies, which is a good prep for my Lit and Lang 9R reading class in the fall.

I've enjoyed the summer.  A lot of yard work.  Well, "a lot" is my term for it.  Kristie would argue that we have hardly done anything!

What I've enjoyed most is playing Dad with Cash and Kenz for the first half of June.  We've discovered our favorite park, what Kenz calls the "Obstacle Course Park," the Kiwanis Park over by Dee's.  We've biked around (with Kenz proudly displayed her new bike - thanks to Grandma Gail).  We've played in the pool.  We've visited the public library.  And just this week, the kids have discovered Harry Potter.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear Cash ask, as he did just this morning, "Harry Potter?"

So we have worked our way through the first three movies.

Here is a snapshot with the kids about two minutes into watching the first one:

And here is a snapshot two minutes after finishing the film.  Kenz has a drumstick for a wand and Cash has a toy club, pretending to be the troll.

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