Monday, April 29, 2013

Another reason why I love this job

Last weekend was prom.  It happened to be KoKo's first one, so it was a big deal in the Reynolds/Pesch household.

KoKo and Kristie were able to find a beautiful dress and KoKo, along with her date, Cody, looked awesome.

Cody's dad even let him use his sweet muscle car.  Though he wisely took it back home after the grand march!  Ha ha.

Though they looked great on this evening, I'm not sure Cash is pleased about having his picture taken with them!

Here is the family (minus Gail who was at home with Cash and Casey who is moving into a new apartment in Moorhead) after the grand march.

And here was one of the highlights from grand march.  Here is the story.

Nate asked Rachel to prom.  Nate said that though he is confined to a wheel chair, he wanted to walk out for the grand march.  Thanks to a little help from Esther, he did too!  And it was awesome.  Then Mr. Zutz and Mr. Brekke stepped in to help him back into his wheelchair.

My favorite part was the beaming smile Nate got on his face when Mr. Zutz and Mr. Brekke went to help him out.  When I look at the picture now, I see that both Mr. Zutz and Mr. Brekke were beaming just as much as Nathan was!

To top it all off, Rachel was crowned prom queen!  And the couple received a standing ovation.

When I looked again at these pictures, especially the last one, I was reminded of what I love about teaching and my colleagues: it isn't always about the standards and grades and tests and essays.  Sometimes (actually most times I'd argue) it is about helping others out and connecting with them so you make their day or their week or, in this case, their prom a little extra special.

If you can't do that as a teacher, find something else to do.  Please.

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