Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Short Week

This week was going to be short anyway because of conferences on Thursday and no school on Friday, but since we had a snow day on Monday and a two hour late start on Tuesday, this is the only regular day of the week.

Thought it was a late start, at least we were able to finally have the grand opening of the student commons and the main offices as the culmination of Phase One construction.  The photo of the new commons/lunch room is below.  It is quite amazing.

I joked as several teachers and I watched the kids gather and eat breakfast and reluctantly begin to head to class when the first bell sounded that this was the first time that it was going to be actually anti-climactic for kids to come to my first block class!  But no one wanted to leave the new commons, including staff!

Though Phase One is pretty much complete, it sure didn't take them long to begin on Phase Two, which is happening right beneath the English rooms now as the old offices are demolished to be turned into gorgeous lobby areas to go with our beautiful theater.  

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