Thursday, January 24, 2013

Take That Bauerlein!

We are reading Mark Bauerlein's The Dumbest Generation in College Comp 2.

I wonder how he'd react to these stories?

Here is a 14 year old "citizen scientist" who makes a significant discovery.  So much for those millennials wasting their lives and intellects on digital media.  In this case, digital media helped cause the discovery.

Here are another couple of millennials who send a Lego mini figure to space.  For fun.  Damn millennials.  Again, digital media was vital.

Again, more about those self-absorbed and narcissistic millennials.

And here is an example of their tolerance and acceptance as a young man comes out to his entire school while accepting an award.  He receives a standing ovation.  If that would have been 1950, what would have happened?  Anyone remember the tragedy of Matthew Shepard?

And this millennial attempts to break a Guinness world record (and it's not for text messages in a day or Facebook friends added); it's for hugs in a single day.

And don't forget about Gen Z either.  An amazing trans-gender girl's essay in response to the President's speech..

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